You can Be a published author in less than 6 months

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You can become a published author in less than 6 months…

…even if you are busy as heck

…even if you don’t know where to start

…even if you prefer lots and lots of hand-holding

DOES YOUR BOOK SHARE A message that can inspire or empower others?

So…why haven’t you published the book?

I bet that one of your major roadblocks is simply not knowing where to start. 

You need someone who knows EXACTLY what to do (because she’s done it—several times) and is willing to walk you step-by-step to becoming a published author, positioning you to use your authority to generate income while helping others in a way only you can.

Perhaps you’re concerned that, with everything else you have going on, your momentum will slowly dwindle to the speed of molasses in a midwest winter.

I assure you that, on both fronts, I’ve got you covered.

Did you know…

♦ Thanks to social media marketing and increased distribution options, indie authors have the potential to earn unlimited income from book sales (as in, while you’re sleeping).

♦ Self-published books now represent 31% of eBook sales on Amazon’s Kindle Store

♦ Indie authors are earning nearly 40% of the eBook dollars going to authors

♦ Self-published authors are “dominating traditionally published authors” in Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, and Romance genres but — and here is the surprise — they are also taking “significant market share in all genres.”

♦ 56% of published authors who are business owners reported that having a published book has had a “strong” to “very strong” influence on generating leads for their companies.

♦ Books provide a great platform from which to launch an online course or membership site, become an in-demand speaker, appear on TV segments, and attract high-level private coaching clients.

My True (Non-Hollywood) Story

Elizabeth Lyons - bestelling author

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth Lyons. I self-published my first book in 2002; it was an overwhelming journey (that’s may be the understatement of my life). I spent years in perpetual “figure it out” mode, tweaking and pivoting—even restarting altogether on a few occasions.

I went from having no idea how to publish a book to selling 50,000+ books (before the advent of social media). I didn’t realize how much of an industry success that was until I had literary agents telling me that most of their clients—those published by traditional publishing houses—rarely sell anywhere near that volume.

I realized that my adventures learning to navigate the land of publishing combined with my love of coaching and mindset work had put me in a position to be able to teach others how to identify the goal of their own book project—and then reach it.

Having put 15+ years and countless dollars into researching, reading, guessing, analyzing data, flying by the seat of my pants, watching what I thought would work NOT work and what I thought had no chance work BRILLIANTLY, I have gained valuable insights that consistently save new authors time and money (not to mention sanity), and I’ve packaged all of them into my flagship Publish A Profitable Book course.

From community and corporate keynote speaking engagements to corporate consulting to personal coaching and lucrative product partnerships, being a published author has opened more professional doors for me than I ever imagined possible.

Receiving thoughtful emails, Tweets and Facebook messages from readers (many of whom have become friends) admitting that they laughed their way through a particular chapter or thanking me for reminding them that they aren’t the only one who feels like giving up or eating an entire carton of ice cream in one sitting never ceases to remind me that each of our stories benefits someone else—and that fact alone makes them ALL worth telling.

So share your story already!

Through Publish A Profitable Book, I teach writers and entrepreneurs how to get out of their own way so that they can get their manuscript into published form. I will prepare you to market your book to your target audience so that it can open new, exciting doors for you to speak, write, teach and live your passion.

The entire publishing process is explained in 12 easy-to-follow modules


Having a comprehensive, informed foundation for your book is critical. Module 1 teaches you how to:

  • Know your reader
  • Think like your reader
  • Write for your reader
  • Determine the critical WHY behind your project (clarity in this area is the key to long-term success)

Improperly executing those steps is like throwing a dart at a refrigerator that’s 5 feet to the right. You might write a great book but unless you are clear on your WHY and have a solid foundation, it won’t matter because your target market won’t be compelled to buy. Module 1 also also debunks several myths surrounding ghostwriting, and outlines how to correctly hire a ghostwriter should you so choose.


The theme of this module is: Not Editing = Not An Option.

Module 2 explores:

  • The various types of editing (including the one that’s non-negotiable)
  • How to properly interview prospective editors
  • The correct way to format your manuscript before sending it to the editor
  • What to expect in terms of editing rates and contracts

Wondering whether to establish your publishing house as a sole proprietor? (Hint: don’t.) Overwhelmed by the prospect of setting up a legal entity? Take a deep breath. Module 3 walks you through:

  • How (and why) to formally establish your publishing company
  • Developing branding and an effective logo
  • How to properly set up your bank account
  • The importance of tracking income and expenses

The elusive ISBN (International Serial Book Number)

Module 4 clarifies:

  • What the ISBN is
  • Who needs an ISBN
  • How to acquire an ISBN (the right way, from the right people)
  • What you do with an ISBN once you’ve purchased it
  • Why you (likely) need more than one ISBN per title
  • The latest information and advice on ISBNs for eBooks

Little details tend to get lost, but they are the details that cause authors the greatest headaches if forgotten or not addressed properly from the get-go. Module 5 explores topics including:

  • How to copyrighting your manuscript for less than $5
  • How to setup a website (without spending a fortune)
  • The TWO domain names you should register immediately
  • Effectively gathering testimonials and endorsements
  • How to perfectly price your print and eBook

Publishing your book is Step 1. Properly promoting it is Step 2. A haphazard social media strategy is as effective as NO social media strategy. Module 6 simplifies your planning process:

  • Steps to identifying appropriate social media platforms for YOUR project
  • Development of a streamlined, scalable strategy
  • Clarification on absolute don’ts when it comes to social media marketing

Cliche as it may be, a book IS judged by its cover. In Module 7, you’ll discover:

  • Cover design do’s and (absolute) don’ts
  • How to find a phenomenal cover designer (without breaking the bank)
  • Printing terminology (in layman’s terms)

Module 8 dives deep into the printing process by:

  • Explaining the differences between a publisher and a printer
  • Exploring the pros and cons of publishers and printers
  • Revealing the criteria you do NOT want to use when deciding between a publisher and a printer
  • Showcasing a *BRAND NEW* training on the pros and cons of CreateSpace (including a full video walkthrough on how to upload to both CreateSpace and KDP)



Module 9 prepares you to format the manuscript so that it prints properly (the first time)! You will:

  • Discover how to determine your printer’s unique requirements
  • Learn how to format the manuscript for print and eBook as well as how to efficiently outsource this task (which I highly recommend)

Module 10 sheds light on the realities of distribution by wholesalers and bookstores. These realities are what set self-published authors up for unlimited success once they understand how the system really works (and the level of control they have that they wouldn’t have with a traditional publisher).

As important, this module helps you get uber clear on your overall project goals, as those will determine which distribution option will be the most effective.


Social media is only one component of a successful marketing strategy. Module 11 explores the variety of options at your disposal such as:

  • Social media ads
  • Partnerships
  • Speaking engagements
  • Book signings
  • Launch day events (through which many authors hit specific bestseller lists)

This module also reveals the mistake authors make that sets up their launch for disappointment—as well as how to avoid it, of course.


Module 12 wraps up the course and clarifies where bonus resources and networking support are located.

kick-ass BONUSES


Downloadable/Printable course workbook with key questions and to-dos associated with each module to keep you on track and accountable


Interviewing prospective editors is overwhelming if you don’t know what to ask. This guide provides you with often overlooked questions to ask prospective editors as well as their previous clients to help you easily select the best editor for your project (as well as an insider’s list of common writing mistakes that you can easily fix before submitting to a potential or chosen editor).


A time-saving, step-by-step video walkthrough of how to purchase ISBNs and register them with Bowker



A step-by-step video walkthrough of the purchase and formatting of the barcode for the back of your book


Everyone in the midst of publishing a book has a “freak out” moment (or 28). Sometimes, when in the midst of one, all you need is a solid pep talk and a few great mantras to get you back to feeling empowered and excited about <em>your</em> powerful story or message—the one the world is waiting to hear. This module provides exactly that. (And there’s no penalty for watching it 127 times!)

CreateSpace: What, Why & How

*NEW BONUS* This module clarifies what CreateSpace is as well as its pros and cons. Additionally, there is a step-by-step walkthrough of exactly how to upload your book not only to the CreateSpace platform but also to the Kindle platform for eBook distribution.


There are numerous cover designers, book editors and book printers at your disposal, but which ones know what they’re doing and will create a product you can be proud of? This growing list of vetted, experienced industry professionals dramatically simplifies the process for you.


Do you want your interior paper to be 50# or 60#? Is your cover stock C1S?

These kinds of questions frequently cause authors to believe they need to learn an entirely new language in order to properly communicate with their printer. This bonus translates common printer terms into a language you understand so that you can confidently communicate your needs to your printer.

who IS Publish a Profitable Book FOR?

Knowledgeable (but not sure how to establish your credibility)

You have an inspiring or motivating message to share, but you're completely overwhelmed by the publishing process and have no idea where to start.

Go-getter -- big on vision, short on time

You're busy and don't have time for months of research. You want an expert to walk you step-by-step through the entire process.

Storyteller who overthinks every to-do

You're a creative storyteller who overthinks processes to the point that you never really get started

Industry expert

You're ready to leverage your expertise and grow your business by publishing a book. You value proven money- and time-saving tips.

If you’re ready to publish a book that establishes you as a REAL author, expands your impact and/or creates new business opportunities, this course is for you!


How much time do I have to commit each day?

The beauty of PPB is that the timing is yours to determine. Some participants carve out an hour per day, some plan for a 3-hour stint each week, and some do a Netflix-style binge right from the get-go.

The beauty of unlimited, lifetime access is that you can work at a pace and on a schedule that’s perfect for YOUR lifestyle. And, should something unexpected come up (and it almost always does), there’s no worry about falling behind. When things settle down, you can jump back in and pick up right where you left off.

What kind of personal support and encouragement will I receive?

One of the best aspects of PPB is that, through the private Facebook members-only group, a network of like-minded, supportive authors and entrepreneurs are ready and waiting to encourage you, motivate you, answer your questions and/or talk you down off a ledge (of the writing or publishing variety at least). We’ve recently begun scheduling weekly Zoom chats for course members, where we all hop into a virtual conference room (Elizabeth included) and talk specifics. We’re here for you every step of the way!

You’ll also receive Members Only emails to equip you with marketing strategies, distribution approaches, success stories and, of course, any course upgrades or updates so that you know exactly where to find them each time you login!

How long do I have to finish the course?

In a word: forever! Your lifetime access grants you just that—lifetime access to all course modules, bonuses, resources and the members-only Facebook group. This includes all updates, upgrades and new features added (for not a penny more!).

How much money will I have to spend in addition to the course in order to become published?

Great (and valid) question! It’s no fun to get what seems like a great deal on, say, a computer, only to find out that you need to buy the required screen and hard drive separately.

Beyond your investment in the course, I will heavily recommend that you hire a professional editor, cover designer and interior formatter. I’ve vetted the best resources to help you with this at the most fair prices, and all of that information is included in our ever-growing Resources section. There are also minor expenses you will incur such as ISBN purchase and website domain registration and hosting.


The Pace Is Yours to Establish

Perhaps you have a full-time day job. Or are devoted to raising your children. Either way, you likely don’t have hours and hours of free time each and everyday.

While deadlines help some, they create unnecessary stress for others. With PPB, you get to work your way through the course at your own pace. While we will encourage you to keep momentum through a steady pace, the only deadlines you will have are those you impose upon yourself.

Support through the Entire Process

While the core focus of PPB is on getting a published book into your hands, we know firsthand that as important as publishing the book (if not more so) is getting it into the hands of your target market.

We have not only our own marketing tips but expert resources for authors in the areas of social media and speaking that we will gladly share.

First you write it. Then you publish it. Then you sell it.

In this course, we teach you how to publish, though we’re honored to support you through all three phases.


30 DAY Risk-Free Guarantee! Yes sirree!

Refund policy:

Plain and simple: I am fully committed to helping you publish your book, and if I can’t do that, I’d far prefer that you spent your money on coffee, cupcakes or a new cat (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Publishing a book and getting it out into the world requires work, just like any other business. If you commit and do the work, I have no doubt that you can become a published author and take your career as an author as far as you choose. If you’re unsatisfied with Publish A Profitable Book, simply email us within 30 days, and show us the work you’ve done in conjunction with the first two modules in your course workbook. If you’re doing the work but still don’t believe that PPB is the right fit for you, we will gladly refund your money.


Bonus Consult
$1197 One-time payment
Publish A Profitable Book
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Payment Plan
$345 4 Monthly Payments
Publish A Profitable Book
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If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’d be honored to discuss your book project with you and confirm whether or not Publish A Profitable Book is the right fit for you!


“Elizabeth is truly the guru of publishing and book marketing! I am forever grateful for her course and her continued advice. If anyone is on the fence about Liz’s course, it is worth every penny. Trust me, I wrote a book and then said, ‘What now?’ Liz’s course walked me through to an Amazon bestseller!”

Alison England
Author of Tandem: A Devotional for Adopting with God in the Lead

“Putting words on paper is 10% of writing a book; it’s the other 90%—the editing, formatting, designing, printing, distributing, marketing and selling—that keeps most aspiring authors from ever getting their message into the world. Publish a Profitable Book demystifies the complex publishing process and offers clear, step-by-step instructions to take your idea from inception to market. Kudos to Elizabeth for creating a course she could have easily called No More Excuses.”

Jenna McCarthy
Bestselling author of 13+ books

“Without Elizabeth’s knowledge, guidance and support, my book wouldn’t be taking on a life of its own.”

Chris Martinez
Entrepreneur + Author

“The depth of content you provide is incredible. Honestly, this course is worth 10X the investment.”

Mike Young
CEO at Your Branding Spot

“This course holds everything you need to know regarding self-publishing. Elizabeth is engaging and informative, sharing everything that she herself has learned over 15 years. I am eternally grateful I found her and her course. It has truly changed my life and left me in control of my own future as an author.”

Joanne Martin
Author of 18+ books


Bonus Consult
$1197 One-time payment
Publish A Profitable Book
Full Details
Payment Plan
$345 4 Monthly Payments
Publish A Profitable Book
Full Details

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’d be honored to discuss your book project with you and confirm whether or not Publish A Profitable Book is the right fit for you!