You’ve written a great book. IT’S TIME TO grow a tribe of READERS AND raving fans!

Are you wondering where on earth to find the readers you know will love your book?

Does the idea of communicating with them once you find them give you a mild (or major) anxiety attack?

Are you overwhelmed by the 8,946 options you’re hearing you should use to connect with and market to new readers?

when you equip yourself with a few simple tools, you’ll beGIN growing a list of raving readers & shaping a successful marketing strategy before you know it 

The From Manuscript to Market course and corresponding bootcamp are designed to end overwhelm and help authors to step-by-step set up a book launch and marketing plan (without throwing their laptop out the window).

You’ll be able to focus on growing your business as an author (or running your business!) while the processes you’ve put in place streamline and—in many cases—automate your marketing efforts.

I’ve been a bestselling author since 2003, and I’ve honed the basic, must-have setup in terms of what’s working NOW to help authors quickly and effectively get their books into the hands of readers who need and will love them.

From Manuscript to Market is an easy-to-follow online course and bootcamp that will:

Equip you with a thorough understanding of the importance of a launch team (and show you exactly how to form an effective one!)

♦ Show you step-by-step how to build your author website (as well as make edits and updates so you don’t have to hire a costly developer each time a change is needed)

Setup your email list and begin enticing new readers who will sign up and be excited to receive your updates

♦ Determine which social media platform(s) to begin with and how to get started in a laser-focused manner

♦ Provide you with a step-by-step 12-Day book launch plan – say goodbye to guesswork and stressful “should I use this tool?” moments!

Support you every step of the way. We’re here to answer any questions you have along the way and support you through any hiccup you may encounter.

Let’s Find Your Readers!

How It Works

 From Manuscript to Market is a 100% online course. Each day’s trainings will guide you step-by-step and our members-only Facebook group is there to help you through any roadblocks you may encounter.


Building an Ideal Book Launch Team

This segment’s focus:

  • The difference between beta-readers and a launch team
  • The purpose of a launch team
  • Where to find ideal team members
  • How to invite prospective members in a way that ensures they say ‘Yes’ without hesitation
  • How best to communicate with your launch team so that they understand exactly how they can help you (and how helping you helps them)!
Building an Effective Author Website

This segment’s focus:

  • How (yes, I’ll walk you through step-by-step) to build an effective author website
  • What pages you need to start with (perhaps surprisingly, there are only a handful).
  • How to install and utilize the website plug-ins that are truly useful
  • How to design and source gorgeous images and graphics for your website without spending a dime (yes, seriously)
Developing a Strategic Social Media Presence

All social media platforms are effective–for someone. This segment’s focus:

  • Identify which platform(s) to focus on first.
  • Discover what to post to how often to post
  • Learn how to put posting on autopilot
  • Understanding hashtags—what they are and when to use them
Creating an Income-Generating Email List

Email remains the most effective way to communicate with your readers. This segment’s focus:

  • Exactly how to setup your email list
  • Effective strategies for growing your list
  • How to easily create a free download (lead magnet) to the right people to get them onto your list
  • What to communicating to your list other than, “I had Fruit Loops for dinner. How about you?”
Step-by-Step 12-Day Launch Plan

Once the foundation of your launch is setup, you have to actually…you guessed it…LAUNCH!

  • Detailed 10-14 day launch plan
  • Most effective pricing schedule for the eBook version of your book to attract maximum downloads, attention and reviews
  • The best promotional sites and programs to help spread the word
  • Say goodbye to guesswork and stressful “should I use this tool?” moments!
Bonus #1: Book Launch Email Swipe File

Sitting down to hand-craft effective email sequences is NOT most people’s idea of a good time. Luckily, I’m not one of those people! This time-saving, sanity-saving bonus provides you with:

  • Copy/Paste/Fill in the Blank Email templates for your launch team
  • Clarification on when to send each email so you can schedule them in advance
  • Simple subject lines with a historically high open rate
Bonus #2

Accountability and a place to go to ask questions can make or break your experience in an online course. Our Facebook group makes it feel like you’re sitting right next to both other participants AND me, and I promise, we won’t let you fall behind or start rocking in a corner.

  • Expand your network and grow your confidence
  • Get answers quickly
  • Provide value to other course participants
  • Get great coffee and cupcake suggestions (you know, for the more challenging days)

“This woman changed my mindset completely. Elizabeth guided me through the process, turning me from a self-conscious person — unsure if I should share my work at all — into a business woman and author who looks at my books as a form of income and pleasure.”
-Joanne Martin, Author of 18 books


“This is incredible. I’m so relieved I want to cry. Finally, someone’s just telling me what to do (and how and when to do it!).”
-Erin Thorburn, Author & Illustrator

“This launch strategy is incredible. The information is so planned out and fantastic.”

-Erin Cole, Author, The Size of Everything

“Honest to God amazing. So much value with the spreadsheet, and love the way you set it up and walk people through it all. The date predictor feature for when to send out emails (and exactly what to say in them) is incredible!”

-Jenna McCarthy, author of 16+ books


Lifetime Access


  • Lifetime access to ALL course content
  • Creating an Ideal Launch Team trainings
  • Building an Effective Author Website trainings
  • Developing a Strategic Social Media Presence
  • Growing an income-generating email list
  • 12-Step Book Launch Plan
  • Members-only Facebook group
Have any questions? Feel free to contact me via the chat box or email me directly at I'd love to chat with you about your publishing goals!


How much time is required?

From Manuscript to Market is run as a course and an optional bootcamp. As such, the pace is completely yours to establish. The bootcamp component is specifically designed for the busy person who thrives on accountability and clearly stated tasks. Your lifetime access ensures that you can revisit lessons, access new lessons and review key points anytime you’d like!

If you can carve out as few as 30 minutes per day, you will be amazed by how quickly your author platform comes together.

What if I have to take a break?

No problem! The beauty of unlimited, lifetime access is that it removes all of the pressure. If a life event occurs unexpectedly and you need to step away for a few days (or even a few weeks), the course and all of our support will be here for you when you get back.

If you ever want to go back and review material, you can do that as well.

What if the next bootcamp features are "better?"

Here’s the deal: I’m a perfectionist. There. I said it. As such, I regularly update and add content to my courses all the time. And you will have access to all of it. As the content updates, you will see the updates/upgrades/additions each time you login.

Even better — with each major addition/upgrade, the price of the bootcamp will increase. But not for you! You pay one time and have access to the latest and greatest forever. Nice deal, eh?