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What if you had cutting-edge book writing, publishing and marketing experts & resources whenever you needed them?

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Imagine BEnefiting from a knowledgeable, supportive cOMMUNITY As you write, publish & promote your first (or next) profitable book

(We’ve even been referred to as the Netflix of Self-Publishing … and we aren’t mad about it!)

-Jenna McCarthy, bestselling author of 13+ books

Are you a storyteller who dreams of publishing a book (even if you don’t have “pretty” credentials like an MFA in Creative Writing)

Do you have a message to share — one that you believe will impact thousands of people?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to increase your client base and expand your impact?

As the bestselling author of four books, my passion is sharing with you everything I’ve learned (and continue to learn) in order to make your journey as efficient, cost-effective, rewarding and tantrum-free as possible. 

The PPB Authors Lab was born from my years studying, networking and testing the self-publishing industry. My goal is to guide you around every misstep and mistake I made, every dollar poorly spent and every infuriating afternoon wondering “WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING?”

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"Elizabeth encourages us to 'Do the Work.' I often don't want to, but after listening to her upbeat, funny videos, I'm ready and willing to start the next step!

-Marianne Hansen, first-time author

Elizabeth expertly walks the tight-rope of presenting critical information without creating a flood of overwhelm. Simply, succinctly and superbly, her guidance will take you right where you need to go to publish a profitable book.

-Alison England, author of Tandem: A Devotional for Adopting with God in the Lead

Without Elizabeth’s knowledge, guidance and support, my book wouldn’t be taking on a life of its own.

-Chris Martinez, author of Driving Sales and The Drive to 30

So simply structured, yet lacking nothing you need to get started and get it done.

Karen-Ann Jane Harrison, first-time author


Write Your Book in 75 Days

This course provides an actionable roadmap to get from idea to fully written manuscript.

“Liz has this uncanny ability to simplify complex things and breathe new life into your dream in such a way that you walk away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world! She is a wealth of knowledge; I am in love with this course and her heart!” – Brandy Harvey, author

Find (and Hire) a Kick A** Editor

This workshop explores the different types of editing, the most important qualities in an editor and the exact approach to identify and hire the perfect resource to help polish your words.

What Is Your Why?

Answer to the simple (yet critical) question bestselling authors answer before they publish (even if they’ve already sold millions of books)

“Detailed, dynamic and totally doable, this training is a must for every aspiring author.” -Jenna McCarthy

How to Setup Your Publishing Company

This training walks you through exactly how (and why) to formally establish your publishing company as well as developing your company’s branding and logo and setting up your company financials.

Understanding the ISBN

The elusive ISBNWhat is it anyway? Who needs one? How do you acquire one and what do you do with it once you’ve acquire it? This training provides all the information you will ever need about the ISBN (including why you’ll likely need more than one per title). PLUS, a special bonus training delivers a step-by-step video walkthrough of the ISBN purchase and assignment process.

Cover Design Tips

All the insider do’s and don’ts to ensure that your book is judged (well) by its cover

The Reality of Bookstore Distribution

This lesson illuminates the realities of distribution by wholesalers and bookstores. These realities are what set self-published authors up for unlimited success once they understand how the game is played.

This lesson also helps you clarify your personal goals, as those will determine which distribution option makes the most sense for your book.

CreateSpace (Amazon's POD Platform)

This workshop explores the four different avenues through which an author can sell books on Amazon. After assessing the pros and cons of the CreateSpace avenue, a video walkthrough shows you exactly how to create a CreateSpace account and upload your book for sale through CreateSpace as well as the Kindle Store.

If you’re ready to start (or GROW) your journey as an author, avoid overwhelm, meet like-minded peers and have experts confirm which approaches are working best for indie authors, this group was created just for you!


Is my membership monthly or annually?

After your 10-day trial, you will become a full member, and your credit card will be billed $37. Every 30 days thereafter, your credit card will automatically be billed $37/month for each month that you continue your membership. You can, of course, cancel at any time (though we don’t believe you’ll want to).

How is membership in the PPB Authors Lab different from the a la carte courses and workshops?

We do have students who want lifetime access to our premier courses and workshops (all of which are included in your PPB Authors Lab monthly membership) so that they guarantee themselves lifetime access to all content upgrades and updates. Additionally, purchase of lifetime access to the Publish A Profitable Book or the Write Your Book in 75 Days course comes with a 30-minute personalized strategy session via Skype with Elizabeth ($150 value).




What happens when new material is released?

Here’s the deal: I’m a perfectionist. There. I said it. As such, I regularly update and add altogether new amazing content. And you will have access to all of it. As the content updates, you will see the updates/upgrades/additions each time you login as well as receive email communications letting you know that there is new content available.

Why not wait until next month?

Customer service is a cornerstone of our business at PPB. To that end, once we have the number of members enrolled to whom we can provide incredible service at a given time, we will close enrollment. The next time enrollment opens, the monthly price membership will increase. So get in on the deal while the gettin’ is good!

Are my billing and credit card information secure?

You betcha! The PPB Authors Lab is built on a fully encrypted platform and utilizes Stripe for payment processing, complete with SSL certificates.


Every time you wonder which writing and publishing approaches will save you the most time, money and sanity as you publish your first (or next) profitable book, you can rest assured that we at PPB have already put together (or will soon put together) the answer.

Cancel Anytime! No minimum commitment Yippee!

Plain and simple: I am fully committed to helping you successfully write and publishing your first (or next) profitable book. If I can’t do that, I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that you invested your morning coffee or evening Ben & Jerry’s fund into a subscription that isn’t working for you!

If you’re unsatisfied with the PPB Authors Lab within your 10-day trial period, simply email and let us know that you wish to cancel. If, any time after that, you wish to cancel, simply email us and we will cancel your recurring billing right away.

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PPB Authors Lab
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Have any questions? Feel free to contact me via the chat box or email me directly at I’d love to chat with you about your publishing goals!

Elizabeth’s knowledge of the publishing industry, along with her authentic and supportive personality, has made her an absolutely vital piece of my publishing journey. I can’t imagine walking this road without her encouragement and advice.

Genevieve Georget
Author, Her Own Wild Winds

Today (after 75 days) I finally have a finished manuscript. I wanted to thank you, Elizabeth, for making your online course materials available and for encouraging all who aspire to write a work of their own!

Michael Stunden
Author of Love: The Reality Beyond All Things

Monthly Subscription
$1 10-day trial
PPB Authors Lab
Full Details

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me via the chat box or email me directly at I’d love to chat with you about your publishing goals!